It is a chronic issue in the hemp industry that people mislabel and don’t put the actual potency they claim to have on their bottles.

One of the things we’ve seen a lot in the industry is people labeling their bottles with the amount of “hemp oil”, but not the amount of active Cannabinoids.

An example would be someone with a 500 mg bottle putting 500 mg of “hemp oil” in their bottle, but that hemp oil is only 25% active cannabinoid content, therefore there is actually only 125 mg of active cannabinoids in the bottle, yet they call it “500 mg”.

Below is our Certificate of Analysis for our Cannabinoid content on our 500 mg bottle.

NOTE: There are roughly 30 mls in 1 fluid oz (29.574 to be exact). The lab test below is the amount of cannabinoids in 1 ml so you have to multiply 17.64 mg/ml times roughly 30 to get the amount in the whole bottle. That math would come out to 528 mgs , but when you do exact math it comes out to 521.69 mg per 1 fluid oz. So our 500 mg hemp oil extract for this batch had 521.69 mgs of active CBD. There is also some CBDA and some CBC as well.


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