Gone Green is a member of the Hemp Industries Association and as such has steadily been fed the play by play progress and development of the 2018 Farm Bill finally passing in December of 2018..

In a nutshell it is our understanding that previously the only federally legal Hemp products from US Grown Hemp was from hemp grown under the pilot programs authorized by Congress under the 2014 Farm Bill. Now that the 2018 Farm Bill has been signed into law, hemp  and it’s derivatives, including hemp derived CBD have become fully legal.

Our hemp was always grown under the pilot program and therefore it is our understanding that it has always been fully lawful to possess anywhere in the United States according to federal law, even before the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Now that the law has been passed it is undeniably clear.

Below is a letter sent out by Jonathan Miller, the head counsel to the US Hemp Roundtable who helped lead the fight to pass the legislation.



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