One of my favorite ways to boost nutrition and get those necessary healthy fats into the brain is to sweeten things up a bit. Chocolate Cannabinoid Avocado Mousse is a potassium bomb! Between the avocados and the banana you get your daily dose easily… and deliciously. Add in the antioxidant rich raw cacao, cinnamon and hemp oil with the anti inflammatory rich coconut cream and you’re in for way more than just a treat. I serve this as a dessert to even unsuspecting picky eaters and it’s a total winner every time. Enjoy!

Chocolate Cannabinoid Avocado Mousse
1/4c Coconut Cream w/Hemp Extract
2 avocados
1 small banana
2Tb raw cacao powder
2Tb maple syrup
1/8tsp ground cinnamon

Place all ingredients in food processor. Process on high scraping the sides down intermittently until totally smooth. Put in jar and chill until set; about 30min. Eat straight out of the jar, pipe onto cake or muffins, or serve as a dip with fresh fruit.

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